cWiser Infotech can help you make your website open up faster by optimizing your HTML code, CSS scripts and many other factors that affect the performance of your website on the Internet. The more faster your website loads the better rankings it may achieve on google search engine. We researched various factors on Internet and came out with some of the best methods that will increase your website speed significantly.

coding clean and Systematic

We will remove all the unnecessary characters, white spaces, unused scripts, duplicate scripts etc to reduce the page size and thus improve the page load time.

Put JavaScript and CSS in external files

Keeping your scripts in an external file and combining them together will send the request to server only once and hence make the web page show quickly.

Compres your  scripts and stylesheets

We use gzip tool to compress your documents that helps in loading the page faster. Gzip is one of the most popular and effective compressing method.

Make fewer HTTP requests.

Image maps, CSS Sprites, combining files, inline images are few of the techniques that we will use to minimize http request on your server when someone visits your website.